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About Spacious  MInd Chess Computer Collection

My love for chess and chess computers began in the late 70's. However over the years through raising a family and other interests this passion remained smoldering in the background of my life. In 2006 I bought my first chess computer after almost 30 years and my passion for this hobby was rekindled.

Encouraged by my fellow chess computer friends, it is time to share my interest with the rest of the world.

There are two types of chess computers in my collection. Dedicated chess computers and old home computers with chess software.

In the dedicated chess computer collection, you will find information about chess computers made by many of the famous manufacturers of the past and present. Companies like Fidelity, Mephisto and Saitek, as well as all the other great producers of dedicated chess computers.

Dedicated Chess Computer Gallery Old Home Computer Gallery
Fidelity Gambit SciSys Chess Partner 5000 Timex Sinclair 1000 Commodore Vic-20
Fidelity Chess Challenger 1 SciSys Rapier Atari 800 Texas TI99-4A
Chess Tournaments & Games Chess Emulators & Old Home Computers

Here you will find information about tournaments for both dedicated chess computers and for home computers.

Completed as well as currently in progress tournaments will be shown in this section.

There are many chess emulators available today.  In this section I will provide information about the emulators that I have tested and played.

We should also not forget our old home computers. These have a very significant historic place in the hearts of most chess computer enthusiasts. Many of us started our hobbies by playing chess on these machines.

Emulator Gallery
Apple II+/c Microchess 2 Commodore Vic-20 Sargon II Commodore Amiga Checkmate Texas TI99 Video Chess
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