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About CXG

(Eric) White & Allcock founded CXG in approx. 1981.  The name was later changed to CXG Newcrest Technology Limited.  There is very little written about the history of CXG. 

Newcrest Technology LTD. may have been the name of the manufacturing company who produced electronic chess computers for CXG White & Allcock in Hong Kong. 

It is possible that Newcrest Technology Ltd. was a subdivision of the Australian electronic corporation Newcrest Mining Limited.  The ROM chips inside all the CXG computers were marked with the name “NEWCREST”.

CXG Newcrest Technology also sold their chess computers to many other leading suppliers of electronic chess computers.  Krypton, Radio Shack and Schneider are just a few examples of the many companies who sold CXG chess computers under their own Brand Names. 

CXG for a brief period of time developed and produced chess computers for Fidelity Electronics Inc.

Excalibur Electronics began their operations by selling CXG chess computers under the Excalibur Brand.   Excalibur who is based in Hong Kong may still be using today, the original CXG Hong Kong manufacturing resources, technology and chess programs (with some modification) inside most, if not all of their ranges of Electronic Chess Computers.

CXG Collection

CC 64 - 1992

CXG 211 - 1985

CXG 3000 - 1986

CXG 3008 - 1987

CG1 - 1983


Advanced Star Chess

Chess 3000

Chess 3008

Computachess (Systema)

ADDEX DESIGN Stratege  (1992)

CXG Advanced Star Chess (1985)

CXG Chess 3000 (1986)

CXG Chess 3008 (1987) Electronic Chess Computer

Systema Computachess (1983)

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CXG 002 - 1982

CXG 008 - 1985

CXG 208 - 1985

CXG 223 - 1984


Computachess II

Computachess III

Enterprise S

Portachess II

Sphinx 40

CXG Computachess II (1982)

CXG Computachess III (1985)

CXG Enterprise S (1985)

CXG Portachess II (1984)

CXG Sphinx 40 (1987) Electronic Chess Computer

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CXG 241 - 1989

CXG 902 - 1992

CXG 603 - 1992

CXG 301 - 1992

CXG 807 - 1992

Sphinx Chess Card

Sphinx Comet

Sphinx Concerto

Sphinx Legend

Sphinx Seville

CXG Sphinx Chess Card (1989) Electronic Chess Computer


CXG Sphinx Concerto (1992)

CXG Sphinx Legend (1992)

CXG Sphinx Seville (1992)


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CXG 647W - 1992

CXG 270 - 1986

CXG 218 - 1986

Sphinx Sierra

Sphinx Titan

Super Crown

CXG Sphinx Sierra (1992)

CXG Sphinx Titan (1986) Electronic Chess Computer

CXG Super Crown (1986)

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