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About Phoenix Chess Systems

Phoenix Chess Systems founded by Dutchman Ruud Martin is a small private company specializing in hand crafting the world's strongest dedicated chess computer systems with built-in software depending on system ranging from 2200 ELO for Deepsjeng in a 200 Mhz Ressurection 1 system to a Rybka playing at ELO 2650 in both Resurrection 2 or Revelation systems.

Ruud is a dedicated chess computer fan who continues to surprise us with his newly developed power systems.

Resurrection 1 was released in 2004 with Resurrection Ruffian becoming World Champion at the first attempt in the 2006 2nd Online Aktivschach World Championship which is held yearly at Schachcomputer.Info by amateur dedicated chess computer enthusiasts. Resurrection Ruffian repeated this success again two years later in 2008 becoming the first chess computer and software to win this tournament twice.

Resurrecton 2 and Revelation run at 500 Mhz and due to this the software is extremely strong.

There is a range of game software built into each of these systems that includes Deepsjeng, Ruffian, Fruit, Toga and Rybka!

The Home Page for Phoenix Chess Systems is:

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