Prinztronic was a brand name used by Dixons the British photographic and electronic good chain of stores which grew into the computer retail group named DSG International.  DSG spezialized in buying out other electronic stores such as Curries in the United Kingdom and buying electronic companies in Asia.

In 2006  DSG International decided to move away from the Dixon Brand  except at UK Airports and in Ireland.  They would continue to use only the name Curries Digital in high street stores throughout the United Kingdeom.

The first  Dixons store was opened as a photographic store by Charles Kalmes in 1937 in Southend, England. 

DSG owns and specializes in importing electrical goods from Asia and re-branding it under their brand names or in part keeping  the name  of  an Asian brand as in the example Matsui and Saisho, both  World renowned audio equipment manufacturers, or Miranda cameras and photographic equipment.

Other DSG owned brand named companies are  PC  World,  PC  City and iLink.

For products from Japan annd Hong Kong, DSG used the names PrinzSound for car and transistor radios and Prinz or Prinztronic as brands for Scientific Calculators.  Many models of Prinztronic calculators were sold in the United Kingdom.

This explains the look and the feel of the Prinztronic electronic chess computer and their very brief foray into electronic chess computers in 1980-1981.

Dixon also used the name Prinztronic as a Brand for early video game consoles.  These originated  from Radofin out of London, England.  Radofin was founded in 1974 and started by producing and selling electronic calculators most probably manufactured in Hong Kong and Japan.  Their range of video game consoles was first sold in 1979/1980 as  well as the Prinztronic range.

Radofin also sold the same video game consoles under its own name and they were also seen in the stores with the name Acetronic.  This of course connects the dots back to the same chess computer named Acetronic Traveller  by SciSys.

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