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About Tryom Inc.

TRYOM INC. was an Electronic Calculator manufacturer out of Cleveland, Ohio who in 1981 produced a calculator type electronic chess computer named “Electronic Chess Model # CC-700”. TRYOM INC. sold themselves as “Innovators of Microprocessor Game Technology”.

Besides the Electronic Chess Model # CC-700, TRYOM INC. also sold an identically designed Electronic Backgammon game named “OMAR”. This they also Trademarked as “OMAR” possibly named after a small town in Ohio which might have prompted the marketing use of the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, famed for his leading roles in Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. Omar Sharif was also well known for his skills as a bridge player.

Tryom Collection

CC-700 - 1981

Electronic Chess CC-700

Tryom Electronic Chess (1981)


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