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Tournament Rules for U1400 Blue Championship

The Rules

The first thing that is required in tournaments of any kind is a set of rules and guidelines to ensure structure and consistency. Therefore these rules were created for the 2007 U1400 Blue Championship.

General Guidelines and Rules

  1. Qualifications
    • Each contestant has to fit into the below 1400 Elo category
      • Wiki shall be used as the starting point of reference.
      • Other sources shall be used as a second point of reference only if not listed already in Wiki.
      • Manufacturer ratings shall be considered but lowered by up to 360 Elo points. This value will vary dependent on manufacturer since each manufacturer has a different exaggerated rating criteria.
      • Estimates shall be used for machines without rating information based on playing experience.
  2. Match Duration and Playing Levels
    • 30 seconds average time per move
      • The strongest playing level available to each machine that meets the average time criteria is acceptable.
      • 40 moves in 20 minutes, 60 moves in 30 minutes or any combination of such is allowed.
      • Machines that do not have average time settings are allowed to use their countdown time settings.
      • Machines whose highest level setting is less than 30 seconds per move may use the highest setting available.
      • Machines whose closest setting to 30 seconds per move is higher but falls within a tolerance of 5 seconds may use this setting for match play.
      • Machines whose closest setting to 30 seconds per move is higher but falls above a tolerance of 5 seconds per move shall use the closest setting available below 30 seconds per move.
      • Exceptions to the above play level rules are allowed only if it is common knowledge that the manufacturers printed playing level guide is incorrect and a different playing level is more appropriate to meet the 30 seconds average time per move criteria.
  3. Chess Match Rules
    • The rules of chess according to FIDE shall apply.
      • All FIDE rules regarding a draw resulting from three-move repetition, stalemate or fifty moves shall apply. It shall be the computer operator’s responsibility to step in and enforce these rules if the chess computer is not able to recognize these rules on its own accord.
  4. Adjudication
    • All matches shall be played until a machine is checkmated or a draw is established per FIDE rules.
      • Since it is acknowledged that many of the below 1400 Elo chess computers do not have the ability to recognize draws according to the rules of chess, all matches shall be played until either the opponent is checkmated, a draw is announced by either computer or the computer operator enforces the FIDE rules of chess for draws.
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